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    The magnificent Palace of Fine Art is the home of the Exploratorium - some people call it a mad scientist's playpen! Interactive exhibits fascinate kids while teaching them science. From there we go to Fort Point, a Civil War era fortress under the Golden Gate Bridge. Next it's on to the Golden Gate Bridge for a spectacular view. Then we play in the sand at the beach!

    SEAL - SEAL HEAVEN -- (7 hrs)

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    We take the ferry across the Bay to Sausalito, watching out for Harbor Seals and other marine life. There we have a delightful lunch and meet the van to take us to the Marine Mammal Center at Fort Cronkite, where sick or injured seals and sea lions are cared for before being relaesed back into the wild. Next we play on Rodeo Beach, a gorgeouus coastal area surrounded by dramatic cliffs. Our adventure continues to Pt. Bonita lighthouse for a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge where a colony of sea lions makes their home.


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    The trip starts at Portsmouth Square where San Francisco had its beginnings in 1837. On to visit Buddhist Temples, Chinese open markets, pastry, herbal and unique gift shops. We tour a fortune cookie factory, learn about Chinatown's history and folklore through stories, and practice the art of Calligraphy. The finale to our wonderful morning is an enjoyable traditional Chinese lunch. PARK - GOLDEN GATE PARK - (5 hrs) Start at Acrosports gym for a thrilling party with a bungee bounce, a zipline trip and a gigantic trampoline. Next its on to Golden Gate Park, the Steinhart Aquarium and the de Young Museum. There, we closely examine selected sculptures in the India and Southeast Asia Galleries while enjoying a lively retelling of the stories depicted in the art works. We create some clay art ourselves and end our day with a romp at the Children's Playground

    MISSN- MISSION SALSA - Spanish and English guides, indoor climbing gym, Mission Delores, Mission Murals, art workshop - (6 hrs)

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    Your Spanish/ English bilingual guides combine the thrill od climbing on the indoor mountain at Mission cliffs climbing gym with an eating extravaganza at the taquerias and panadaries (bakeries). We tell the children legends about early California on a visit to Mission Delores, the oldest structure in San Francisco, and a tour of the vibrant Mission Murals art. At the Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center, the children create their own art at a workshop led by a professional artist.

    MAGIC - BAY MAGIC -- (7 hrs)

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    Take a Ferry cruise on a beautiful half hour Bay crossing to Sausalito, a charming town nestled along an inviting shoreline. After a yummy lunch, we meet the van for a ride to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, for hand-on interactive exhibits of natural science art and multimedia. The Museum is located on the breathtaking North Shore of the San Francisco Bay. We explore the shore, then drive back across the Golden Gate Bridge with time to get out and marvel at this engineering feat.

    ZEUM - ZEUM, a cutting edge art studio packed with digital easels, video cameras, computers, an audio mixing boards & more!

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    METREON - METREON, A Sony Entertainment Center - Interactive, 3-D, & hands-on exhibits, theatres, hi-tech shopping, restaurants.

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    This Bay Cruise is on a tall ship, a 103' square rigged topsail ketch built in the 1790's period. Passengers are encouraged to join in and help sail the ship under the crew's supervision. You can take your place at the helm, or brace the yards around and try your hand at the nautical knots station or try the deck station and handling the lines and sails used when tacking the ship. There will be other various informative discussions covering topics about maneuvers and rules of the sea. Or you can sit back and relax.

    Price: Adults - $45; Children - $30
    Time: Saturday, 9am to 1pm


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    Cool rides, great animals and exciting new shows make The New Marine World Theme Park number one in family fun. Take our high-speed catamaran to Vallejo and catch the shuttle bus to the park.. Killer whales, elephants, sharks, tigers, dolphins, flamingos...see your favorite animals up close and personal. New this year: a 15-story roller coaster, a sensational suspended coaster, 16 fun rides, an exciting stunt show, and an amazing new dolphin show. "Fun runs wild" at Marine World. In Vallejo, you can also visit the architectural Heritage District - home to turn-of-the-century residences for sea captains and merchants - or wander through the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum with it's extensive collections of nautical equipment, naval memorabilia, and period photos and artifacts. Includes round trip ferry between SF and Vallejo, shuttle bus to & from Park and Park admission. Price: Call for Arrangements


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    Paramount's Great America, the largest family entertainment center in Northern California, offers 100 acres of movie magic and theme park excitement. Thrill seekers can ride Top Gun suspended jetcoaster, or take on the Vortex, the only stand-up roler coaster west of the Mississippi or race in a stock car on the Days of Thunder motion simulator. Experience the 224-foot Drop Zone Stunt Tower, the world's tallest free fall ride, and Nickelodeon Splat city, three acres of wet and messy hands-on fun. Jump Jive and Swing when Top 40 meets Nostalgia in the Paramount Theartre where the mood swings from red hot to the blues. Be captivated by our breathtaking 7-story Pictorium, the largest IMAX theatre in the world. Located in Santa Clara, Ca. Price: Call for Arrangements

    BIKE - BIKE THE BAY TRAILS TOURS - See under Land Activities

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    KYKGAM - KAYAK GAMES & ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS (3 hrs) - See under Water Activities

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