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    Cyndi Recommends... Partial Client List

    San Francisco-Convention & Visitors Bureau - multiple tours & events
    San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau - Visitor Information Center - multiple tours & events
    Abbott Laboratories
    Accenture Global
    Affleck Insurance
    Air Club Travel, Poland
    Allen Travel
    Alpha Sigma Sorority
    American Osteopathic Association Convention- 7,000 Attendance
    American Red Cross
    AMEX (American Express) Travel Agencies - multiple tours & events
    Anti-Body Systems
    Arcadis-US- multiple tours & events
    Aventis Pharmaceutical
    Bauer's Limousines
    Betti Ann's Travel Agency
    Beyond Interactive
    Bio-Rad Laboratories, CA - multiple tours & events
    Bio-Rad Laboratories , Redmond, WA - multiple tours & events
    Bollinger Insurance, Inc.
    Broncus Technologies, Inc. - multiple tours & events
    Carlson Wagonlit Travel Agencies - multiple tours & events
    Cedar-Sinai Medical Center - multiple tours & events
    Celestrial Travel, CO
    CENLA Club
    Congress Care
    Corporate Computing Expo - 15,000 Attendance
    Creative Travel
    Deloitte Consulting
    Elaine Mills, Italy
    Ernest and Young - multiple tours & events
    ESPN "X" Games, SF - 25,000 Attendance
    Fidelity Information Services
    Gambro Renal, Belgium
    Genesys Laboratories - multiple tours & events
    Global Educational Tours
    Great American Vacations, Inc.
    H&R Tours
    Healthcare Forum Convention- 2,000 Attendance
    Hottech, Inc.
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) - San Francisco
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) - Berkeley
    Hyatt Regency San Francisco
    Imark Communications Conference - 5,000 Attendance
    Inchape Shipping - multiple tours & events
    Infineon - multiple tours & events
    Intuit, Inc. - multiple tours & events
    International Newspaper Marketing Association, Tx
    Per Helland, Norway - multiple tours & events
    Latvia Tours, Latvia - multiple tours & events
    Levi Strauss and Co.
    Logan Senior High School
    M David Paul Real Estate Developers
    McAfee, A Network Associates Business - multiple tours & events
    Mitel, Inc.
    Mitt Travel
    National Assoc. of Elementary School Principals Convention, - 6,000 Attendees
    National Association of Independent Schools Conference- 3,000 Attendance
    National Bar Association
    National Organization Of Nurse Practitioner Faculties Convention- 450 Attendance
    Network Associates - multiple tours & events
    New England Financial, Boston, MA
    Nokia - multiple tours & events
    Northface - multiple tours & events
    Novartis Pharmaceuticals - multiple tours & events
    Oracle - multiple tours & events
    Oracle Germany - multiple tours & events
    Packard Fan Tours
    Pacific Agenda
    Pacific Coast Highway Travel Guide
    Parcel Design
    Peoplesoft Convention - 16,000 Attendance
    Promissor, A Pearson Vue Business - multiple tours & events
    Quantum Corporation
    Remedy Corporation
    Sandalwood Resorts - multiple tours & events
    San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau - Visitor Information Center - multiple tours & events
    San Francisco Design & Furnishings Show - 9,000 Attendance
    San Francisco Summer International Gift Fair, - 40,000 Attendance
    San Francisco Summer Mart. - 12,000 Attendance
    San Francisco Winter Furniture Mart , - 13,000 Attendance
    San Francisco-Convention & Visitors Bureau - multiple tours & events
    San Diego National High School
    Shand's Travel
    Sigma Alpha Sorority
    Software Development Conference & Exposition - 7,000 Attendance
    Souvereign Tours, Canada
    Standard Life Healthcare
    St Louis Blues Hockey Team Sponsors
    Summit Incentive Travel
    Sweetwater High School, CA
    Talbott Tours
    Temple City High School, Ca
    Tempe High School, AZ
    Terranova Corporation - multiple tours & events
    The North Face - multiple tours & events
    Tokyu Travel - multiple tours & events
    Travel Anywhere Travel Agency
    Two-By-Two Travel
    University of California - Davis - multiple tours & events
    University of San Francisco - multiple tours & events
    US Government Accountability Office - GAO - multiple tours & events
    US Navy -- Fleet Week - 2000 & 2001, 2009 - multiple tours & events
    US Patent and Trade Office
    US Potato Board
    USS Constellation Navy Aircraft Carrier - 4,000 Sailors
    Verve Cliquot Champagne
    VISA - multiple tours & events
    Visa Tourismo - multiple tours & events
    Web Design & Development Conference - 7,000 Attendance
    West Highland Capital, Ca
    Winstanley College, UK
    Yuba College - Upward Bound - multiple programs

    Our 5 day San Francisco Annual Meeting off site was great!! and it wouldn't have been that great without you!! Thanks so much for all your help. Monika Raghu - McAfee, a Network Associates Business

    Thanks Cyndi. Your timing was perfect…. Planning trips & meetings can sometimes be a real headache. You've made it very easy. Thanks again. Deb Meslar, Sr. Sales & Marketing Coordinator - Bollinger Insurance, Inc.

    It was absolutely the best experience that we have ever had. The food was terrific, very different than our normal faire, the Treasure Hunt leaders were absolutely fantastic. As you know we are a diverse team, and EVERYONE got something out of the hunt! I am very sure that the members of our team will never forget their San Francisco Experience with you folks. Words cannot express how much we enjoyed our event. regards, Kathe, CISCO CCIE Annual Meeting

    Let me tell you that you exceeded my expectations. It was a great Birthday celebration in Wine Country. I especially enjoyed the last Napa bouique winery estate. It was quite impressive. Micheal was a wealth of information. Thank you! I recommend you to others. Richard Tranfaglia

    Quelle Surprise! You can't imagine how utterly overwhelmed I was with my Saturday Surprise from Nowhere. From the moment we embarked upon our solo zeppelin flight, complete with champagne, lox & bagels, scones & clotted cream to... Adventure #2 - Taking a sleek black limo to Stockton? Couldn't imagine outdoing zeppelining, when we boarded a cigarette boat to race 140 MPH on the Delta waters! We spent a delightful time with the boat owners, at their house, and feasted once again with a gourmet picnic spread. The day was memorable to say the least. Two very special activities surrounded happily by excellent food, drink & company! Betty Peters, Berkeley

    A 25th Anniversary & Re-proposal:
    It was a nice buildup - 1) the limo and ladies favorite flowers, your really great bottle of champagne, and a super driver, 2) the yacht was beautiful and impressive, 3) more champagne and chocolates at our windows seats and an excellent waiter. After that - it almost didn't even matter what came next... As for the re-proposal, I asked Gina out to the bow of the yacht when the sun was starting to set...she said she'd stick around with me for a while longer. And my in-laws definitely like me alot right now. Thanks for all your help, Curt

    Thanks for making the change to the bus, this is great and definitely exceeds our expectations. Steven was excellent! Ken Zinger, COO Canadian Energy Services

    "Cyndi, I wanted to let you know how much our group enjoyed the tour you put together for us. We especially appreciated the personalized service. We had the opportunity to see many sights that you would never discover on your own. The best part was the ability to move at our own pace, and spend the extra time we needed when we wanted to. I would recommend to any group, small or large, your personalized service and hope to work with you again when I am in the San Francisco area." Ken Schweiger,Vice President Bank Distribution, New England Financial, Boston, MA

    Cyndi, you are a real doll. I am going to pass your web site onto my friends in the Bay area, and all those I know who might travel to the bay area for other events. Thank you again. Jim Hawkes

    Cyndi, Thank you for everything! It was a wonderful trip (10 day vacation for 2 families and kids-9p). Everything was perfect - SF, to Monterey/ Carmel, along the coast down to LA. Glen was great! We enjoyed having him. All the hotels were very nice. loved the SF one -great decor, ambiance, location. The place on the beach was a delight too with the upgraded room. Will send photos and Facebook us!
    Stacy Felder - 10 days, private family tours of California, SF to LA

    We had a fabulous time! I enjoyed every single thing we planned, and even the things not planned. I have wonderful memories of this trip that will never be forgotten and so do the children and Jeff. I would be more than happy to write a review. See us on Facebook. Once more, thanks so much for your assistance! And yes and Glen was great! Sandy Klein - private family 10 day San Francisco to LA tour

    Great, Knowledgeable, Enthusiastic Tour & Driver Guide (Glen).
    Review rating: 4.5 out of 5!
    Barry Zekelman & family, 2 Day Private SF tours

    All is fabulous! We are enjoying everything. Glen is making our experience easeful, joyful and memorable!! My favorites: Muir Woods, & horseback riding in Yosemite. Glad to be here! Melissa Curley & family, 6 days San Francisco, Muir Woods, Monterey/ Carmel, Yosemite Private Tours

    Thanks again for creating such a wonderful event for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute labs (325p) at the Exploratorium. Everything about the evening went well: the venue was perfect, the food was excellent, the catering and facilities staff were friendly and helpful, the magicians were delightful. Best of all, I could relax and enjoy myself throughout the evening! This was a great suggestion and the event created a lot of good will within our group. All the best, John Flickinger, Manager of Administrative Services, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, San Francisco

    Cyndi- Your hospitality was superb. Thanks for making it so easy for us to coordinate during a busy week of meetings. We will definitely plan another boat trip in the future. Jacob Uhland, VF Corp (Wrangler, Lee, North Face, Nautica, Vanity Fair, Lily of France)

    San Francisco -- what a great city!!! After viewing several hotels over internet, we ALMOST made a costly error had it not been for you recommending the most fabulous hotel of all -- one that suited us perfectly. It possessed the ambiance and charm we were looking for, but couldn't find over the internet! You provided us with the opportunity to visit the greatest restaurants and see the best sights. It was a fun-filled, sexy escape -- you delivered exactly what we asked for AND MORE!!! You didn't miss a beat --for this we are ever grateful! Can't thank you enough... Kim & Jim

    "Everything was perfect! The week went so smoothly! We all had a such a great time!!! My entire family couldn't be more pleased with your services and choice of tours and guides. They were all so well informed, very friendly and even humorous! We particularly enjoyed the private tours. They were worth the extra cost without a doubt. Thank you for a job well done! We highly recommend Cyndi Recommends!!" Gary P. from Texas

    Cyndi, our group had a great week in LAS VEGAS! Another fabulous trip. the flights from St Marteen worked out well, too. Ketty Romney

    5***** Top Rating! Everyone always has glowing remarks. You couldn't support us any better than you already do. Anja Thiel - Bio-Rad Technical Resource Manager

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for coordinating our multiple Team Building events! We have a wonderful time with the games and love the events!! You do a wonderful job! The locations are great! We also love the afternoon Wine tours. I would recommend your services to anyone. We, at Nokia truly enjoy your services greatly!!! We look forward to any future events, since we know from experience they will be great!!! Thanks! Sandra Herrera, Marketing Specialist, Nokia Internet Communications

    Thank you for everything!! Our Clients had a fabulous time! Our competitors complained that they couldn't get a word in edgewise - all the clients talked about was the special day they had spent with us!! G. Hotte, Hottec-Company

    Hi Cyndi -- Just got back to Singapore early this morning. I meant to call you from Anaheim but... (the pressures of Disneyland!). Many thanks for your arrangements, all of which my family and I were more than pleased with. Bruce was a font of knowledge - my kids liked him a lot. The drive to LA with Roger also proved to be well worth the money. At Disneyland, the hotel concierge package was a great Value. It was a memorable holiday! You deserve a generous gratuity - I don't have at hand the bill you sent me and can't recall your service fee, but please take 30% more on the fee you had on the bill. With best regards, Pat Daniels

    Bio-Rad Laboratories has been using Cyndi Recommends for almost 9 years and we have experienced exceptional customer service. Cyndi's knowledge of San Francisco and Wine Country combined with attention to detail and willingness to please makes all of our events first class and very memorable. Jeff Acquino, Technical Advisor, Bio-Rad Laboratories

    You have been more than helpful! Thank you for everything!
    Mark Clinton, Manager, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

    Great Weekend! Thanks for putting it together. Kim said it was her BEST WEEKEND EVER! Followed the "plan": Fri-Dinner (cool place); Sat: Breakfast, walk in Headlands, coffee in Sausalito, ferry back to SF, shopping, massages, another great dinner; Sun: Napa Valley (do not remember the names of the wineries, but we were pretty "happy"!), dinner, great music, & then top floor lounge, hanging & dancing with great views. Tom

    I am very grate that you took such good care of us, arranging everything during our week stay. I would not have change a thing you planned for us! Till next time! Cheryl

    Hello Cyndi! The ladies loved the restaurant choices - they were fabulous. In addition, they were thrilled with Ross! They really enjoyed the picnic lunch at the winery. Everything was really great. And I appreciate all your assistance in making this birthday trip phenomenal. Nikki Plaid, MCW Events

    What a fabulous day! Roger was great! Don't know what to say to do any better. Everything was wonderful! We could never have seen a tenth of what he showed us on our Custom Private City Tour on our own. We will recommend your tours and services for all coming this way. It was a great day! Thanks Cheryl Butts

    Just want to thank you and everyone for the great 4 day meeting and the fine treatment we received from airport pick-up to drop-off. Ellen, our city guide was wonderful - very knowledgeable and engaging. Thanks for arranging the perfect weather as well. Carol Geaga, Cedar-Sinai regarding Broncus Technologies, Inc. Clinical Trials Release Meetings

    You couldn't have given us a better recommendation. Gayle and Jim are wonderful people and we enjoyed very much their Victorian Home and their story. I believed they enjoyed our investigative group, too... what a fantastic afternoon! The "Tea time" was perfect and delicious, we felt we went back to the late 1800's for for a while. Thanks Cyndi...what a great job you do! Alan Broca, Energetixsolutions

    I wanted to put you in touch with our Sr Admin staff. They are organizing a Team Building event and I have recommended your services to her. I'm sure you ladies will be able to whip up yet another great event! Thank you, Sargam Chopra, Janssen Alzheimers Immunotherapy R&D

    First of all, i want to say that you are very helpful from beginning to end. Everything you plan for our many visiting European clients is perfect! They throughly enjoy themselves! Their guides are very knowledgeable and have many interesting stories to tell. Kudos for picking restaurants that reflect the "Northern Californian" atmosphere. I would definitely recommends your servcie, to not only my collegggues, but to friends coming into town, as well. Thanks again for your wonderful services, an as always, it's a pleasure talking with you." Eleanore Fernandez, Genesys Telecommunications Labs, Inc.: San Francisco, Ca

    We had a wonderful trip. Everyone loved San Diego and San Francisco. They are so different from home. Both of our guides were very good! Sonja had meet the birthday boy a few years ago and even our waitress spoke French! Everyone wanted to stay longer, so we might be organizing another group trip in the future. Be assured that YOU will be the one we are contacting to take care of everything! The cake was beautiful, the food was great, the birthday boy was moved to tears. I'll try to send some of my pixs. Thanks again and again for all your efforts to make sure we had a great time! Ketty (from St Marteen)

    Thank you for all the work you put in to organizing this special trip. My parents (and I) had an amazing time, one they will never forget! Best regards, Mark (from England)

    Everyone is still talking about how great the days were in San Francisco, Las Vegas & Los Angeles! In SF, Ross was fantastic! The tour to Santa Cruz was lovely. Everyone had a great time. The vehicle was great and very comfortable. We even got a win at the LA Raiders football game and so got to do a lot of high fives with the guys in the crowd! In LA the tour was good. We did get out and about and saw everything. Thank you once again for helping us plan a fantastic trip, and it was great to meet you. Your favorite restaurant was also our favorite restaurant. Kind regards, Michelle (from Australia)

    Dinner was superb. Food and Service was Excellent. Meal went well and atmosphere was upbeat. Thanks for another seamless dinner. Neil Kinch, Promissor- A Pearson Vue business

    Thanks Cyndi for making the tour experience and awesome one for our out of town customers. Along with a friendly and humorous disposition, Lance is an outstanding tour guide, with great knowledge and interesting facts about the Seattle area. Dinner overlooking the Lake continues to be a highlight of the evening. Our guests always enjoy each and every moment. Thanks again for taking care of all the details and adding a special touch with the chocolates. Lynn Spencer, Bio-Rad Laboratories -Seattle

    From Dorothy Jean Scranton (age 73), and grand-daughters Hayley (age 16) and Elisabeth (age 14): Somehow I had no idea of the fabulous time in store for us. Never had we been met by a limosine driver, let alone the caliber of Ross. Ross fit the bill perfectly for the 3 different days he took us around. He really knew the Bay area and it was fun to hear so many details along with the larger information. The whole trip was of the highest caliber. We would certainly recommend Cyndi Recommends to any and all. You people were tops!

    We had a wonderful time out on the sloop. The 6 women with me, all kept thanking me for a wonderful time. It was an outstanding day. Capt Josh was very pleasant and gave interesting facts along the way. We saw Pelicans diving and feeding as we sailed by. One thing, I always thought people who sailed with one side in the water were crazy, and then we realized we were doing just that! You don't feel danger, just excitement! It was an A+ Day! Joan Schinkel

    We had a great time during our 3 days of custom touring with you! Your suggestions and the people who were our guides were awesome! We were happy to refer the other 8 associates to you. We will definitely keep you in mind when our travels take us to LA or Las Vegas! Gary W. "Ike" Willingham, CFC, Texas North Central State Sales Coordinator

    I am glad I chose "Cyndi Recommends" for our custom tour of San Francisco. Our tour guide and driver were both excellent, easy-going, flexible, fun and knowledgeable! It was such a pleasure to work with Cyndi, who answered the phone or returned calls promptly and worked hard to make sure that all of our needs were met. Marilyn Fehrenkamp

    I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for your excellent tour guiding for our crowd. I asked around and everyone thought that Ellen was an excellent guide, with lots of information, a good personality, and an easy-going attitude. We all appreciated how flexible she and the driver were, changing things as the need arose. I hope Ellen enjoyed her day half as much as we did. Sincerely, Marilyn Warren Fehrenkamp

    Outstanding job! You hooked us up for a great day in our private sail to the Farallon Islands! What a day! I will definitely be in touch before my next trip out in May. Dave Drulard, The Skylark Group, representing The North Face

    The events you planned were great. I especially liked the Murder Mystery Dinner, think I had the most fun there, and Sausalito is a beautiful place. The Moroccan thing was good. Sorry not much of a dancer, well belly dancer that is. And what can I say about the Karaoke night?!? I did have a very nice few days there. Thanks again. Vinny Gullotto - VP Research, McAfee, a Network Associates Business

    Our bi-monthly tours for the past 2 years have been great!! Roger, Don & Bruce, the tour guides are excellent! They are very open to suggestions and make the evening very enjoyable for my clients. Jeff Aquino, BioRad Labs

    Thank you again for a fantastic arrangement. We have only nice response from our 70 participants and we are very satisfied with the week we spent in San Francisco. We even learnt to know the City and the neighborhood very well by the architectural tour and the tour in the country side. If I must pick one special event that I my self enjoyed very much (and that is difficult), it will be the day in Wine Country. And of course it was a fantastic American BBQ & Country Western Event at Jon & family's ranch, and perhaps that is the part that my fellow travelers enjoyed best. We in Bergen (Norway) thank you once again for unforgettable days in San Francisco. Hilsen Per J.

    The sunset sail was fantastic! It was the perfect event for out team! Our event was the talk of the office both before and especially after the sail. I forwarded your info to some of the other teams so it's great to hear that they interested in going as well. Thanks Again, Joanna - Ernest and Young

    "Many thanks for helping to arrange a wonderful weekend. Your efforts to cobble together an intimate weekend on extremely short notice was nothing short of miraculous! Be assured we have already shared the treasure of your existence with our friends and neighbors, and we look forward to our next opportunity to use your services!" Frances & John Abrams - Los Altos, California

    I heard nothing but praise on the whole Hot Air Ballooning and Wine Country adventure that you coordinated for our offsite meeting. Your folks did a great job. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and all said that the food and service everywhere they went was awesome. Thanks for organizing everything, and I will recommend Cyndi Recommends... the Best whenever people need an event organizer. Mary T. - Intuit, Mountain View, Ca.

    We really had a great day. During our sail we had some amazing views of the city. We did go to Angel Island and walked all around - Geoff really loved it. The seaplane was a huge hit and the skies were quite clear. That is an amazing way to see the city! Really, we had a very lovely time & thank you for ensuring such a nice day for us - it was one of a kind! Best Susan A., San Francisco

    A very nice experience that I would recommend to others absolutely. Thanks for all your efforts. You run a good ship. Chuck Campbell, Houston Texas

    I wanted to thank you for the tour and the hospitality! Everything was great. Everyone raved about the dinner. Don is a very friendly, nice guy and very knowledgeable about the city. Everyone LOVED seeing the city! Bus was great. Comfortable and easy to see the sights. Thanks for the snacks! Thank you again. Stephanie Paramore, University of San Francisco

    Everybody was very enthusiastic about the special trip through Napa Valley! The visits of the wineries were very interesting, especially the visit of the brandy distillery and the special tastings were much appreciated. Everybody had a very a nice day to remember!
    Thanks and best regards, Linda Vanhoeyveld, GAMBRO Renal Products, BELGIUM

    I wanted to let you know that our conference participants had a wonderful time on the tour yesterday. Jan Campbell, University of California

    Cyndi, thanks again for making the arrangements for yesterday's Holiday Party. Everyone had a great time - at a really nice location with great food. It was a day I'll remember. Thanks. Dan Kruszynski, ChevronTexaco Information Technology Company

    My daughters and I thank you for securing the BEST SF tour guide for us. Roger was excellent---being a behaviorist, I am very critical of people who provide professional services. He was not only very intelligently informed regarding the history and culture of SF, but was very gracious and very considerate---fun as well. Best regards, Elizabeth Marlene Crowley

    Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time on the tours and thoroughly enjoyed our days. I have traveled around quite a bit and Bruce definitely was one of the best guides I have been with. And perhaps the most courteous. Regards, Suhas Dutta

    Cyndi, just a note to tell you my son and his wife ENJOYED the tour...... They said it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They enjoyed the visit so much. Thanks again for your help. Deb Osterbur

    Thanks so much for arranging our tour with Roger. He was a fabulous guide...very knowledgeable and fun, PLUS unflappable when we changed plans every ten seconds! I'll happily refer others to you. Ann Johnson

    Cyndi, the tour of San Francisco was terrific. Though we were only there for the day, we felt we did a lot and Vincenzo gave us so much information on the city. He was an excellent guide catering to our needs. Bistro Boudin had excellent food as all my children attested to. They loved Alcatraz. The Chinese takeout was excellent. The tour bus was so beautiful and we could not say enough about the day and Vincenzo. I will recommend this to anyone who is need of a tour. Thank you for everything. Susan C.

    This was perfect! Thank you for everything you did! (Private charter sailing excursion for 40 persons, complete with catering and beverages. Dinner followed with Waterfront views). We had a great time. Will keep you in mind for future events. Bobbie M, Bio-Rad Laboratories

    The trip was awesome. Yosemite was an amazing beautiful place. Sadly we could not see the Sequoias because of the fire, but everything else was absolutely beautiful. Could not have done it on our own. Andy our tour guide was excellent. he was very knowledgeable and entertaining. His respect and love for the park was apparent. He made the long ride very enjoyable. Will recommend to friends. Thank you! Maha

    "Cyndi made fantastic recommendations for San Francisco activities and tours!! The restaurants were excellent choices with wonderful food!!" Barbie Herrington & Susan Wey - NAESP Convention

    Very friendly, competent, accommodating service! Cyndi knows it all! Kathy Randolph - Chicago, IL

    "Cyndi Recommends… really helped us with reservations and tours. It made our stay in San Francisco!!" Marjori Waford

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