Experience the Ultimate!
      Treat yourselves to a wonderful WEEKEND GET-A-WAY or PERSONAL RETREAT! Let us arrange a delightfully delectable ESCAPE from the ordinary, and the everyday hustle and bustle! Let Cyndi Recommends surround you with serenity and a haven to rejuvenate your mind, body and senses...BE PAMPERED!

      . Sail the ocean blue (or SF Bay), Cave Spelunking, hang-glide, para sail, hot air-balloon above Wine Country, mountain bike on some of our fabulous single track, whale watch....so many options!

      Retreat to one of our secluded hide-a-ways. Embibe in a some of our relaxation treatments, be it massage, golf, basking in the warm sunshine, seclusion with an ocean view or hiking the Lost Coast OR participate in one of our exhilarating, fun excursions.

      Celebrate a birthday, your anniversary, special time away with a loved one OR Escape the everday humdrum.....Let Go and get out of control!

      For a few hours or a week, Let Cyndi Recommends transport you to another realm of the senses.

      Call us and inquire about our various locations and settings to pamper yourself and your loved ones OR Get Crazy!!

      Call us to get you thinking what YOU could be doing next! (click here to start your escapade)



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