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    Cyndi Recommends...the Best
    It was 1989. I had just return from another three month travel excursion, this time to south east Asia. Cyndi Recommends was created as an answer to my dilemmas while traveling.

    It was most frustrating to be in a city, not know anyone, and try to figure out what to do. There was always plenty of "information" available, but no advise in selecting the better places to go / see or things to do. What I got was always a surprise, some for the better, others somewhat disappointing.

    From this came Cyndi Recommends… the Best , that specialty service able to recommend places to go and see in my home town! From a so-called distant friend, here is a bit of personal advise of some of the more unique and special activities to do; of what and where you should want to spend some time. Some of activities are the more widely acclaimed "things you have to do". Others are the more unique, different, new, off-the-beaten-path, or just my favorites. Some activities are for the more adventuresome. Some should just be appreciated because they are there. We can help with selecting the things you'd want to do and most enjoy. We provide more insight from history to current events - the what, when, why and how's of our special places and sights!

    We offer an immersive experience. Our Team Leaders and Guides are local specialists in their field and love sharing their knowledge and stories with interested folks. All of our activities and events are educational, entertaining, and highly recommended. We strive to show you the BEST and our favorites. On the better known highlights - we'll take the back way in, or look from a more obsure vantage point. Some sights are lesser known, but just as or more spectacular, interesting and/or fun. We think we've found the Best! (Get back to us, we love to hear your comments!)

    There are many marvelous places to explore! We can help you discover places that will be really special to you, because they are to us! We look forward to hearing from you!

    Cyndi Recommends...

    and partial Client List (below)

    "First of all, I want to say that you are very helpful from beginning to end. Everything you plan for our many visiting European clients is perfect! They thoroughly enjoy themselves! Their guides are very knowledgeable and have many interesting stories to tell. Kudos for picking restaurants that reflect the "Northern Californian" atmosphere. I would definitely recommend your service, to not only my colleagues, but to friends coming into town, as well. Thanks again for your wonderful service & as always, it's a pleasure talking with you." Eleanore Fernandez , Genesys Telecommunications Labs, Inc.; San Francisco, CA

    We had the best time! It was absolutely the best teambuilding experience that we have ever had. The food was terrific, very different than our normal faire, the Treasure Hunt leaders were absolutely fantastic. As you know we are a diverse team, and EVERYONE got something out of the hunt! I am very sure that the members of our team will never forget their San Francisco Experience with you folks. Words cannot express how much we enjoyed our event. regards, Kathe, Cisco CCIE Annual Meeting 2003

    The events you planned were great. I especially liked the Murder Mystery Dinner, think I had the most fun there, and Sausalito is a beautiful place. The Moroccan thing was good. Sorry not much of a dancer, well belly dancer that is. And what can I say about the Karaoke night?!? I did have a very nice 5 days there. Thanks again. Vinny Gullotto - VP Research, McAfee, a Network Associates Business

    "Everything was perfect! The week went so smoothly! We all had a such a great time!!! My entire family couldn't be more pleased with your services and selection of tours and guides. They were all so well informed, very friendly and even humorous! We particularly enjoyed the private tours. They were worth the extra cost without a doubt. Thank you for a job well done! We highly recommend Cyndi Recommends!!" Gary P. from Texas

    Thank you for everything!! Our Clients had a fabulous time! Our competitors complained that they couldn't get a word in edgewise - all the clients talked about was the special day they had spent with us!! G. Hotte, Hottec-Company

    "Many thanks for helping to arrange a wonderful weekend. Your efforts to cobble together an intimate weekend on extremely short notice was nothing short of miraculous! Be assured we have already shared the treasure of your existence with our friends and neighbors, and we look forward to our next opportunity to use your services!" Frances & John Abrams - Los Altos, California

    For more reviews, comments and expanded client list, please see our Guest Book.

    Cyndi Recommends...
    the Best Partial Client List

    San Francisco-Convention & Visitors Bureau
    San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau - Visitor Information Center
    Accenture Global
    AMEX (American Express) Travel Agencies
    Aventis Pharmaceutical
    Bauer's Limousines
    Bio-Rad Laboratories, CA
    Bio-Rad Laboratories, Redmond, WA
    Bollinger Insurance, Inc.
    Carlson Wagonlit Travel Agencies
    Deloitte Consulting
    ESPN "X" Games, SF - 25,000 Attendance
    First Financial Services, FL
    Gambro Renal, Belgium
    Genesys Laboratories
    Heineken, Hong Kong
    Hyatt Regency SAn Francisco
    McAfee, A Network Associates Business, WA
    National Bar Association
    Network Associates, CA
    New England Financial, Boston, MA
    Nokia, CA
    Novartis Pharmaceuticals
    Packard Fan Tours
    Pacific Coast Highway Travel Guide
    Quantum Corporation
    Remedy Corporation
    San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau - Visitor Information Center
    San Francisco Design & Furnishings Show - 9,000 Attendance
    San Francisco Summer International Gift Fair, - 40,000 Attendance
    San Francisco Summer Mart. - 12,000 Attendance
    San Francisco Winter Furniture Mart , - 13,000 Attendance
    San Francisco-Convention & Visitors Bureau
    S University of California - Davis
    University of San Francisco
    Upward Bound
    US Coast Guard
    US Navy -- Fleet Week - 2000 & 2001
    US Patent and Trade Office
    US Potato Board
    USS Constellation Navy Aircraft Carrier - 4,000 Sailors

    For more reviews, comments and expanded client list, please see our Guest Book.

Cyndi Recommends...
the Best

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